Have the Best Miami Luxury Staycation

Have the Best Miami Luxury Staycation

  • Jacqueline Marks
  • 01/1/23

Silky white sand, a glittering ocean, and palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze — Miami is synonymous with tropical paradise. This world-renowned city is as much a sophisticated residential hotspot as it is a coveted vacation destination. By day, the beaches call for morning jogs and afternoon lounging, and by night, the city comes alive with music, world-class cuisine, and cosmopolitan glamor.
Miami is known as the cultural epicenter of South Florida and boasts some of the nation’s most prestigious museums, art galleries, and entertainment. From the symphony and ballet to the art deco architecture and candy-colored buildings, Miami puts serious beauty on display. Five-star hotels sport first-class spas and resorts, while nightclubs make glitz a regular part of the evening. With so much right here at your fingertips, why not stay in your own coveted backyard instead of heading out of town for your next holiday? Here is everything you need to know to plan a glamorous luxury staycation in Miami.

Plan, plan, plan

When planning a staycation, Miami is an ideal backdrop. There are endless ways to spend a day here and luxe options for everything from dining and dancing to sipping and spa resorts — but there are a few things to know first about the best way to prep for your at-home retreat. Planning is the name of the game. A staycation can be the epitome of relaxed luxury: there are no bags to pack, no jet lag, and no flights to catch. But staying at home also means daily reminders of to-do lists, committee meetings, and upcoming appointments.
The key to a truly relaxing staycation is to schedule your trip the way you would a destination vacation. Once you’ve chosen your dates, mark them on your calendar and prepare as you would for a regular trip. Make a list of restaurants, sightseeing spots, and must-sees. Ensure your dry cleaning is picked up, the house is clean, and any work or unfinished projects are put away — whether you plan on staying at home or at a hotel in Miami, you want a clean slate on which to create your perfect vacation. Make reservations and appointments ahead of time for restaurants and spas, and secure tickets to performances so you don’t have to worry about a thing once the staycation begins.
Another key is to schedule your staycation for a quieter time. For example, if you have no interest in attending a major Miami event, like the Miami Grand Prix or the Miami Open, plan your staycation for a different time. Miami is a major draw for visitors, especially when prestigious events are scheduled, so if you would prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy your city on your terms, be strategic about planning your staycation dates.

Start at a posh hotel

Whether you plan on booking a few nights at one of the best hotels in Miami or simply want to enjoy a rooftop bar or spa, you have your choice of world-renowned Miami resorts.

The Biltmore

Miami’s palatial Biltmore Hotel is a stunning display of art deco glam and gorgeous 1920s architecture. Named a National Historic Landmark, the Biltmore sports seriously luxe amenities like lavish apartments with sumptuous linens, spectacular views, and outstanding culinary offerings. Lounge by the pool, cozy up in a private cabana, or indulge in a spot of afternoon tea.

Hotel South Beach

Airy sophistication reigns at the five-star 1 Hotel South Beach. This beachfront hotel prides itself not only on gracious hospitality but also on its commitment to sustainable practices. Treat yourself to a holistic massage, facial, and body scrub at the hotel's celebrated Bramford Wellness Spa, or sip champagne while surveying the city’s stunning tropical beauty at the rooftop restaurant.

Indulge in fine dining

Epicurean excellence is at the heart of the Miami culinary scene. Those in a foodie frame of mind will find their heart’s desires at this impressive lineup of five-star Miami restaurants. A rich, seductive dining room awaits at the trendy Drunken Dragon. Don’t let the modest exterior fool you — this place is the toast of Miami’s late-night scene. Inspired by the flavors of Asian cuisine, Drunken Dragon dazzles with dishes showcasing Korean barbeque, grill tables, and kitschy tiki-themed cocktails.
The chic and breezy Seaspice exemplifies waterfront dining. This elegant eatery elevates gastro-classic cuisine to dizzying heights with refined dishes like grilled Florida lobster with garlic butter, sundried tomato, watercress, and black truffle risotto.
Miami is known for its swanky brunch spots, and there is no better way to start your staycation than by sipping a mimosa and gazing out over the sparkling city. Bathed in light, the famed Cipriani invites guests to dine in nautical style with views of palm trees and Biscayne Bay. The cuisine here is unparalleled, with delicacies like the classic Cipriani steak tartare.

Relax at the spa

Miami is home to some of the nation’s most highly sought-after spas and wellness gurus. The KŌV is notable for rejuvenating cryotherapy treatments, which can improve sleep and boost health. Zen vibes and a holistic approach to body and mind well-being define Carillon. Sleek and innovative, this expansive spa features cutting-edge wellness treatments and technology, including LED, cryotherapy, and collagen energy sessions, as well as massage, non-surgical facelifts, and some of the city’s most spectacular views.

Treat yourself to a show

From the ethereal grace of the Miami City Ballet to the dulcet tones of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, this town offers an incredible array of entertainment. The grand opera house of Europe meets Old Hollywood glamor at the Faena Theater. Draped in velvet and glittering chandeliers, the jazzy Faena evokes an air of opulence and mystery. Add this to your list of must-see staycation highlights, and make sure to catch the electric cabaret performance.

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