How to Experience Downtown Miami Like a Local

How to Experience Downtown Miami Like a Local

  • Jacqueline Marks
  • 09/18/22

When you choose a downtown Miami luxury home for sale, you may start dreaming of what it might feel like to live in Miami. Not only do you get to enjoy all the benefits of your stunning new Miami property, but you'll also get to enjoy great outdoor recreational activities, stunning beaches, and year-round sunshine. Not only that, downtown Miami has vibrant nightlife. There's always something new going on, and you likely can't wait to check it out!

As a new resident of Miami, however, you want to experience downtown Miami like a local: to find those hidden gems, check out the best beach spots, and find out about the best activities.

Are you interested in seeing the local side of Miami? Read on to learn more.

Hit the best beaches

The beach is one of the best benefits of living in Miami. You might have chosen your downtown Miami luxury apartment or townhome just for the benefits of being close to the beach. However, the locals know that heading off to South Beach, especially during the weekend, means a crowded stretch of sand where it may be difficult for you to take full advantage of your stay.

Locals, on the other hand, know where to go to avoid tourists and make more of that beach excursion. Check out Key Biscayne Beach, a primarily residential island by Biscayne Bay. In Key Biscayne, you'll find fewer people, gorgeous views, and plenty of amenities. There’s even a supermarket where you can assemble a quick picnic for lunch. If you’d rather dine out, restaurants will allow you to get out of the sun for a little while. You'll also find fewer crowds around Bal Harbour or Sunny Isles.

Miami residents quickly learn that beaches filled with tourists aren't the best way to kick back and relax. Instead, they look for those out-of-the-way corners of the beach where they can enjoy time with friends and loved ones without worrying about standing shoulder-to-shoulder with all the other beach-goers to look at the ocean.

Take advantage of the many shopping opportunities

Miami is filled with fantastic shopping opportunities, including Aventura Mall and the Village at Merrick Park, where you can explore several luxury stores. However, if you're looking for a great bargain on your shopping, Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall is sure to deliver. You'll find fantastic options like the Adidas Outlet, ALDO Outlet, Steps New York, Solstice Sunglass Outlet, Sportive, and many other great stores. Spend your day browsing through your favorite shops and be satisfied that you've scored some incredible bargains — and, as a result, you can feel good about shopping until you drop!

Are you looking for a great place to find locally-crafted items in Miami? Check out the Wynwood arts district, where you'll find gorgeous art galleries, trendy shops, and a chance to connect more deeply with the neighborhood. On the second Saturday of each month, locals known to visit the Wynwood Art Walk, where street vendors start to sell clothing, accessories, art, and more. The Wynwood Art Walk is a can't-miss opportunity for people interested in local crafts and information.

Of course, the Design District is the place to be if you're looking for luxurious shopping opportunities from top designers. In the Design District, in the north of downtown Miami, you'll find stores like Cartier, Hermes, and Christian Louboutin, as well as several other incredible, popular stores where you can enjoy the height of luxury shopping. There are so many options to choose from.

Check out favorite local restaurants

Miami is filled with incredible restaurants and dining opportunities. However, many of those restaurants cater primarily to tourists. While it's undoubtedly great to check out some of those restaurants when looking for a festive atmosphere, you may find yourself waiting longer for a table and dealing with tourists who don't have to be at work the following day. Instead, check out some of the restaurants locals are most likely to frequent, including:

Miami has many restaurants, so you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy. For example, you might want to check out some of downtown Miami's favorite brunch spots or explore stunning date night restaurants with that special someone in your life. You'll find some incredible restaurants, including various ethnic restaurants, and plenty of options for every family member.

Know when the big events are

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Miami is an exciting city where it seems as though something is always happening. As a local, you'll have a front-row seat to many of those events — and you won't have to worry about securing a hotel room when you want to make the most of those options. However, those events also mean a higher level of tourist traffic across the city, which may mean more traffic in general, bigger crowds at local restaurants, and inflated prices on some amenities. Pay attention to when those events come around so you can plan accordingly.

  • Ultra Music Festival: This famous festival occurs in late March and has a great new lineup every year. There’s live music, dancing, and plenty of celebration: it's the perfect opportunity to dance the night away.

  • Urban Beach Weekend: Over Memorial Day weekend, the celebration of hip hop hits the streets of Miami. This fantastic weekend means a lot of tourist traffic through the area, but it also means great music and an excellent opportunity to connect, dance, and celebrate.

  • The Miami Open Tennis Tournament: Each year, the Miami Open draws tennis fans to the area for an incredible experience.

  • Carnaval on the Mile: This annual celebration of Miami's culture features incredible local art, music, dining, and more. It's the perfect place to learn more about the heart of Miami and start to make it part of you.

  • The Miami Grand Prix: If you enjoy racing, the Miami Grand Prix could be the event for you. This hot race is one of the season's most significant events, drawing in race fans across the country. Ensure you secure tickets early if you're interested in checking out this fast-paced event.
With so many festivals, it's essential to keep up with what's coming next. There's always something unique to celebrate in Miami. As a local here, you choose what to explore and discover. Get out, explore, and celebrate Miami with your whole family!

Get active like the locals

Life in Miami means plenty of fantastic opportunities to get out and get active. After all, with all that time on the beach, you want to ensure that you look your best! Head out to Rickenbacker Causeway for running, walking, or cycling opportunities, Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park for incredible biking or running opportunities, or try your hand at the many water sports available throughout the Miami area. Thanks to Miami's gorgeous weather, you'll find that it's the ideal location for kayaking, boating, fishing, and many other popular outdoor activities. Many Miami residents find that array of outdoor activities the best way to get in top shape. With so many opportunities, you're sure to find something each family member can fall in love with as you take your exercise outside and explore more of what Miami has to offer.

Are you ready to make a move to downtown Miami?

Choosing a downtown Miami luxury property is the perfect way to ensure you enjoy all the amenities of Miami regularly. It's time to start experiencing the area like a local: to take in everything it offers and learn more about its lovely shops, restaurants, and outdoor opportunities. Are you looking for the perfect downtown Miami home for your needs? From mansions to luxury apartments, Jacqueline Marks, can help you find the downtown Miami home of your dreams. Get in touch today to start your home search or to learn more about what it means to live in this stunning area.

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