6 Emerging South Florida Home Decor Trends

6 Emerging South Florida Home Decor Trends

  • Jacqueline Marks
  • 03/12/23

Are you considering adding a few touches to enhance your luxury South Florida home's overall look and appeal? Whether you are considering selling your home or adding some fresh updates, this guide has you covered. Read on to find out some of the most in-demand home decor trends for the South Florida area.

1. Minimalist design

Particularly during the past few years, many people have started embracing the innovative concept of minimalism. In interior decorating, this translates to using the least amount of furniture and decorations to create a functional and beautiful space. Consider the following tips when minimalizing your South Florida home.

Declutter the space

Clean, straight lines and flat surfaces define minimalist spaces. These features create spaces that are less distracting as well as more visually appealing. Furthermore, straight lines and flat surfaces are better able to seamlessly integrate with the overall home design to create a sleek look. These straight lines and flat surfaces can make you feel calm and more relaxed. Consider accentuating these clean lines by removing the excess from the shelves, countertops, and tables.

Use accent decor to add interest

Just because a home is minimalistic doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have any decor. Consider adding one or two high-quality accent decor items as the main focal point in the space. For example, you could install a beautiful art piece on an otherwise empty wall. This will serve as a focal point for the space, drawing eyes to it. Furthermore, having one focal point can create a space that is not distracting and is clutter-free. For example, consider this luxury Palm Beach high-rise apartment with clean lines and elaborate rounded ceiling light fixtures that help to add depth and interest to the space.

Let in light

Another vital attribute of minimalist homes is light. When natural light enters a space, it has the powerful potential to create better balance and make many home features shine with elegance. Natural light can also improve your mood and even reduce your stress levels. Consider removing the curtains and blinds to add natural light to your space. However, if privacy is a concern, consider adding sheer, light curtains that can achieve a similar effect.

2. Multi-purpose spaces

Another trend shaping many homeowners' minds is multi-purpose spaces. Many homeowners are drawn to spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, as many as 51.2% of homeowners have said that they prefer open floor layouts. Open floor layouts allow homeowners to create a more versatile living, working, and entertaining space. Consider walking through your home and seeing if a room or space could be transformed to satisfy many functions. For example, this luxury oceanfront Manalapan home features a spacious open floor plan and carved-out spaces within rooms that serve multiple functions. With this method, you can use the space more efficiently so that the overall layout and attributes flow seamlessly together.

3. Functional home offices

One trend that has particularly become popular over the past few years is the home office. With the rise of remote jobs, buyers like to see extensive home offices that can accommodate their work. Consider the space in your home that can be used as a home office. Maybe you could add a few touches to elevate the space. For example, add some shelves and pegs to give your home office more dimension. Be sure to update the lighting, which is essential to any excellent home office space. In addition, add some potted plants to make the space more lively. You could also add motivating wall art and decor items to complete your home office.

4. Neutral color

If you are considering changing your home's color palette, then you should choose neutral colors. In particular, choose those colors that are warm wood tones, such as golden browns, light pinks, and reds. These colors can create a warm and intimate space that feels cozy and inviting. These neutral colors are also often versatile, interacting well with many lifestyles. Furthermore, as wood tones often remind home buyers of the rich South Florida landscape, they can seamlessly merge the indoors and outdoors.

5. Bring the outdoors inside

The landscape in South Florida is known for its picturesque beaches, clear blue waters, tall palm trees, and immaculate green spaces. Many homeowners are bringing these natural attributes inside the home to create a seamless integration of home and nature.

There are many options, from choosing nature-inspired color schemes to adding potted plants. The key to successfully implementing this rising trend is carefully considering the area outside your home. Consider if there are white sands, rolling greens, or plenty of trees in the immediate vicinity. You can then take the colors outside and bring them into your home.

For example, if your South Florida home hugs the beautiful Atlantic coastline, consider bringing the sky blues, deep ocean blues, and white sand hues in. Or, strategically add greens throughout your living space if many trees, foliage, and other greenery are outside your windows. Ultimately, by bringing these outdoor colors in, you can create a harmonious space that gently integrates with the natural beauty of the gorgeous South Florida landscape.

6. Eco-friendly interior

As the idea of reducing one’s carbon footprint to slow down the long-term impacts of climate change becomes popular, many are adding environmentally-friendly items to the home. For example, many opt for energy-efficient lights to use less electricity and maximize their budget. 
Some homeowners are also considering alternative forms of energy, such as solar panels. Specifically, nearly three million people have installed solar panels in their homes across the country.

Another way to make your South Florida home more eco-friendly is by using sustainable or organic materials. Consider using sustainable materials for the flooring, countertops, and walls. For the flooring, consider bamboo or cork, which are excellent sustainable options that can often be recycled and repurposed. Or, consider reclaimed wood, recycled glass, or stainless steel for kitchen countertops. These sustainable materials are usually durable and can make your space look pristine and beautiful.

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