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Jacqueline Marks

Jacqueline Marks

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Jacqueline Marks is a real estate agent based in South Florida, with a special expertise in Miami and Palm Beach. 


A sense of place

Jacqueline successfully negotiated her first real estate deal when she was 16 years old. Granted, this first deal was persuading her parents to buy property in Palm Beach, despite the fact that they weren’t looking.  She’s always loved studying real estate listings, and she found a vacant lot that looked like a good deal.  Two days later, her family had it under contract.  Today, it’s the site of her family’s celebrated Florida retreat that has not just been a home, but a laboratory where Jacqueline has studied the design, style, and living details that make life in Florida so wonderful. 


A sense of home 

She was born and raised in Chicago, with family roots in Palo Alto, California. After attending the University of Miami and living in Palm Beach, Jacqueline fell in love with the vibrant culture, the bright energy, and most of all, the endless summer, sun and water of this spectacular part of the world. She picked it over every other place she knows.  


A sense of opportunity

In 2020, Jacqueline decided to make real estate her full time profession, with South Florida as her focus.  She loves studying the market, and obsesses over street-by-street details for the fun of it. There are many global reasons that people wish to live in South Florida, but there are many more individual reasons that go into choosing a unique property that fits you. She’d rather her clients walk away than overpay; she’d rather keep looking if the property doesn’t meet the client’s needs.  Jacqueline will use her extensive knowledge about living in South Florida to help her clients find their best options, and close with the smartest deal


A sense of Jacqueline’s background

Prior to earning her real estate license, Jacqueline worked in sales for luxury brand Louis Vuitton, in Public Relations and Marketing for a local Miami agency, and as a personal assistant in New York City. These experiences have given her the skills to successfully work in the luxury market and have instilled the importance of serving her clients with discretion and confidentiality 

In addition to her degree in Advertising from the University of Miami, Jaqueline studied art history at the American University in Paris. Her studies afford her a formal structure for evaluating visual appeal as well as market placement.  

In joining Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Jacqueline chose to build her career with an amazing team of South Florida agents who can complement and support her work. Through Douglas Elliman, she has cultivated mentors, learned from colleagues, and absorbed the subtle details of finding and managing real estate deals in South Florida.  In addition, Elliman has a formal relationship with the international agency Knight Frank, allowing Jacqueline to support her clients outside the United States.  


A sense of Jacqueline

Outgoing and curious, Jacqueline is always happy to meet new people and has built an extensive network across numerous fields and professions. Beyond helping her clients find their dream homes, she loves connecting people and helping them build new friendships and business connections. 

Jacqueline is active.  She loves a busy day at work, but when she has time off, she loves to move. She loves meeting with friends and trying the latest fitness class.  She also loves the water – the best way to see real estate in Miami – and Jacqueline adores getting onto a boat and exploring this beautiful part of the world.  

An avid traveler, Jacqueline has been privileged to live in and observe many different cultures.  She takes every opportunity to enjoy skiing and hiking, as well as wine tasting. Above all, her extensive travel has taught her to respect and honor the way different people choose to live their lives.  

Her father introduced her to car racing when she was in school, and Jacqueline is now an ardent fan of F1.  She has often visited racetracks, and has even tried driving. One of her favorite aspects of car racing is its international appeal. F1 fans are rooting for only ten teams, and she loves that she can find common ground with people all over the world.  

Both her grandparents and parents have taught Jacqueline to always help support her greater community.  In South Florida, Jacqueline has been especially interested in two areas:  Jewish life, and the arts.  As a Rising Leader of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Jacqueline enjoys participating in its many programs to celebrate Jewish life.  Through the Young Collectors Board at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Miami, Jacqueline has greatly enjoyed expanding her knowledge of contemporary art and engaging with artists and fellow patrons.  


A sense of you

As her client, Jacqueline offers you a seamless, white glove experience.  You will find her responsivethoughtful and prepared.  Your itinerary will be thoroughly researched and organized sensibly. Jacqueline is detail oriented, and will never go to sleep at night knowing she has a task that still needs attention.  

She’s not just going to just put you in a house and walk away.  If you need help with renovating, design, establishing household staff, navigating the art world, or even just picking a great place to get dinner, Jacqueline is always a phone call away.  

If there’s one thing Jacqueline would say is essential in her business, it is your trust.  You open up a great deal of your private life when you work with a real estate agent.  You can expect Jacqueline to put your interests first, and to be completely transparent in her actions.  She will protect your privacy, and in turn, she will rely on her trust in you to create a successful and satisfying search for your new home.

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Jacqueline Marks believes that the most important aspect of any relationship is trust and, as such, works tirelessly to ensure that her clients feel that she is trustworthy and always places their needs first.

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