How to Decorate Your Miami Home with Tips from Art Experts

How to Decorate Your Miami Home with Tips from Art Experts

  • Jacqueline Marks
  • 07/13/22

Miami is a bustling city with a strong business and international presence, a diverse cultural scene, and tropical weather that makes the city ideal for year-round enjoyment. Whether you are a lifelong resident or are just settling into Miami, redesigning your dream house, or buying your first home, decorating a home can be a big undertaking. You want your living space to be stylish yet comfortable. It needs to be functional while still reflecting your distinct personality. These nine tips for decorating your Miami home will make your space feel unique and draw attention to your home's best qualities.

Assess your space

The first thing any homeowner needs to do is assess the space. This is particularly important if you have just moved in, so don’t be afraid to take your time. Decorating a room relies on both the space's function and traffic flow. It is perfectly acceptable to have minimal furniture and decor until you fall into a routine and recognize what your everyday living will look like in a room.

Next, you want to determine how to maximize space and consider what design elements you want to see. Sometimes, when you begin a project too quickly, you will want to start over when you cannot make the room match your goals. Give yourself time to make sure you love each idea and that it will work with your overall vision for the room.

Start with your art

Photo courtesy of Studio Ashby

Many interior designers recommend choosing your artwork first, as “art plays a central role in our inspiration process." Sometimes it can be hard to find a piece of art that fits into your existing decor without feeling forced or unnatural, or you may become overwhelmed with options while trying to find the perfect piece.

However, if you start from scratch or with a work of art you truly love, you can confidently design a room around it. You may decide to make a specific piece of art the focal point in a room. Alternatively, you may want to pull your color palette from a painting. There are many ways to be inspired by artwork, and choosing your favorite pieces first is an excellent way to make sure the room has a cohesive and polished look.

Make a statement

Is there a colorful piece of art or a design element you want to try but feel is too adventurous for your living room or bedroom? Consider using it in your entryway, and welcome your visitors with a bold wall display that shows off your unique style. One compelling reason to go big or bold in the entryway or foyer is that these are typically smaller spaces, so you will likely not be investing as much into the project as you would by doing a custom wall in a living room. It also means that if your idea is too much, you can redecorate and simplify it without losing too much time and money.

Art is more than a canvas

Remember that art is far more than just pictures; the visual arts encompass much more than paintings or sketches. A beautiful tapestry can transform a room and, depending on the colors and style, give off a cozy vibe or make a room feel formal. You may want to frame your own photography to showcase your travels or special moments in your life. You can incorporate ceramics or glass pieces to add charm and character to your space. Decorating with different art mediums and textures like velvet, leather, metal, or silk will give room layers of depth. You can add an artistic flair to any room by playing with textures and colors in new ways, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Kids' bedrooms

For a child's bedroom or playroom, you may be worried about making a significant investment in decor and art when their interest and tastes change so quickly as they grow and mature. Instead, DKOR Interiors, Miami-based interior designers, suggest choosing from wall prints to complement their room. You can find a wide selection of images and create a unique combination of sizes and frames to add the right finishing touch to the room. Updating a bedroom, playroom, or game room is a relatively easy and inexpensive solution as children outgrow the decor if you use inexpensive wall prints.

Look for emerging artists

Whether buying art as an investment, a casual hobby or finishing the decor in one room, you may be curious as to whether you should buy the art of an established artist or an emerging artist. In reality, either choice is the right choice if you buy a piece you love. Emerging artists may be a better choice if you are looking for an unknown or under-recognized artist. Their artwork is likely to be less expensive, but it is also going to be what sets the tone for future art trends.

How to choose art

There are many tips for how to choose art for your specific home. Whether you are seeking a painting, photography for a gallery wall or a sculpture for your office, artists and interior designers recommend the following:

  • Invest in pieces you love. Do not worry about possible value. You are investing in a particular piece of art to make your home more personal and to bring enjoyment. Art is often a reflection of the artist's heart and soul, which is why it often speaks to the buyer. Choose pieces that speak to you personally, and you cannot go wrong.

  • Consider the space. Are you trying to fill a large wall? Do you have an odd-shaped corner or cutout in the wall that needs to be enhanced? Choosing art that fits a specific space can give it definition and purpose.

  • Determine the atmosphere of the space. The room's tone will be affected by the artwork's color palette. You may want neutral colors for a luxurious, spa-like bathroom, while bright colors or abstract shapes can inspire a child's playroom. You can choose complementary or contrasting colors to define the room's tone.

Commission pieces

Custom furniture and decor can make your home look more luxurious and personalized. Commissioned pieces also have other options if you cannot find the perfect pieces to finish decorating a space. You can order custom furniture, window treatments, and light fixtures to create a unique style. Commissioned artwork allows you to get the piece you want to reflect your personal taste. When you have items designed for a specific space, you will end up with a more polished look, and this process can often be the answer when you cannot otherwise find the piece you envision.

Christian Liaigre was a phenomenal French interior designer and a personal favorite of Jacqueline Marks. He has a LIAIGRE furniture store in the Miami Design District with quality materials and fine items, including furniture, lighting, textiles, leathers and accessories. With his eye, each piece is truly architectural. Jacqueline believes art enhances architecture.

Custom framing

Another way to set your art apart is with custom framing. There are several things to consider when choosing the right frame, so taking your pieces to a professional is a great idea. They can help you choose the right style and size and whether or not to mat your art. Choosing the right glass can protect the longevity of the art or photograph. You can take a few pictures of the room where the art will hang to help find the right frame. When a piece of art is finished with a custom frame, it will highlight everything you love about the work and make it look even more impressive.

One of Jacqueline’s favorite artists is Gray Malin, a Los Angeles-based fine-art photographer who is known for his photo collections of remote destinations, along with his aerial photographs of treasured locations. Jacqueline loves his bright colored prints depicting beach landscapes and the sunny Florida lifestyle. Gray Malin’s photography prints fit well in Florida homes.

Shop in person

Most art experts and interior designers will encourage you to shop for art in person whenever possible. You can look at pictures online and research galleries and artists first, but a computer screen cannot do a work of art justice. Colors may vary, and you can lose the depth of the piece. Looking at an art piece in person evokes emotion and connection that cannot be matched online. Shopping local art galleries in Miami also allows you to support the local art community and increases your chances of getting to know the artist. Miami has a vibrant art scene, and the art galleries in the area and the diversity of Miami art galleries mean there is something for everyone.

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