Don't Miss Art Basel's 2022 Miami Beach Show

Don't Miss Art Basel's 2022 Miami Beach Show

  • Jacqueline Marks
  • 11/30/22

Art deco glamor meets sun and surf in the iconic neighborhood of Miami Beach. Famous for pastel buildings, exquisite architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Miami Beach is the cultural epicenter of South Florida, making it the perfect backdrop for the exclusive Art Basel Miami 2022. One of the art world’s most prestigious events, Art Basel brings talented artists from around the globe to Miami’s glistening beaches and sets the stage for a weekend of beauty, discussion, and culture.

What is Art Basel?

Art Basel Miami Beach is a celebration of art and an opportunity to connect galleries and artists from across the globe. One of only four Art Basel events in the world, Miami Beach is a proud host to international artists, museum curators, art collectors, and those with a passion for creativity and the understanding of our world through artistic expression.
The 2022 show is shaping up to be the largest to date, with an incredible and eclectic array of international artists and galleries. Between official Art Basel programs and events and the glittering parties and artistic gatherings that will no doubt spill out onto Miami’s vibrant streets, this highly coveted show is also South Florida’s most anticipated social event.


This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach show celebrates the 20th anniversary with an incredible lineup of artists and galleries and a full dance card of lectures, exhibits, cocktail parties, and discussions. Welcoming thousands of artists and visitors, Art Basel Miami Beach will feature modern and contemporary art from 38 countries and 283 galleries.


Art Basel Miami Beach comprises several galleries or sectors, each offering a different group of artists or artistic approaches. From emerging artists and brand new pieces to prestigious art world darlings and thematic group exhibitions, the Art Basel galleries are home to some of the world’s most outstanding creative talents. This is an essential breakdown of every gallery you should familiarize yourself with before attending.


Photo courtesy of Art Basel Miami Beach
The newest sector to join Art Basel Miami Beach is Meridians. Bold and vibrant, Meridians features Art Basel’s large-scale works, from world-premiere video installations to live performances. Held in the Miami Beach Convention Center Grand Ballroom, Meridians collects monumental installations, interactive works, paintings, and more. Visitors can expect 34 astonishing exhibits, including Tom Friedman’s Cocktail Party, which dazzles with lifesize dolls mingling, canoodling, and ordering cocktails from bowtied waiters, and the presentation of Tina Girouard’s colorful, interactive Pinwheel performance from 1977, courtesy of the Anat Ebgi gallery in Los Angeles.


Photo courtesy of Art Basel Miami Beach
The Nova sector is devoted to artwork created in the past three years. The exciting group of artists in Nova this year examines the current global issues of the present life, and the result is a fascinating study of humanity, creativity, and the intersection where both meet. These intuitive artists study the changes in their cultures and the world at large, from migration and an emerging sense of nihilism to the duality of human interaction and disobedience. This dazzling gallery is one of Art Basel Miami’s most exciting and relevant collections and is certainly a must-see for every Art Basel visitor.
Here you will see Brazilian artist Chiara Banfi explore the concept of nature. Fernando Palma Rodriguez, hailing from Mexico, explores robotics while applying his custom software in a fight to preserve indigenous culture. Vietnamese-American artist Tiffany Chung tackles the immeasurable effect of displacement experienced by those migrating to a new country, and Haroshi, a self-taught artist from Japan, celebrates a passion for skateboarding while simultaneously using the form to create sculptures that consider spirituality and materialism.


Photo courtesy of Art Basel Miami Beach
Museum curators and art collectors highly covet the Positions sector of Art Basel. This is the place to discover emerging artists and young galleries, proving to be a highlight of the event each year. Samara Golden, represented by the Night Gallery, will present her vivid, astonishing work, and the French Galerie Sultana arrives from Paris with Jesse Darling, a multimedia artist from Berlin who brings a haunting and irresistible aesthetic to his work.


This year’s Survey sector invites 17 galleries to show work created before the year 2000. From the multidisciplinary, feminist work of Polish-born Lea Lublin to the stunning work of American Dread Scott, Surveys is an important showing of culturally significant artists.


Photo courtesy of Art Basel Miami Beach
Eleven galleries join the Editions sector, bringing an international lineup of talented artists. The work includes prints and editioned pieces. An edition is a work originally conceived as part of a larger set and intended for reproduction, although these reproductions are carried out under the artist's supervision. This year’s Editions program includes works like fine art photography prints, etchings, ceramics, and more.


Ranging from historical art and group exhibitions to solo artists and thematic work, Kabinett is home to 24 carefully curated installations. This year, Anton Kern Gallery brings the captivating portraits of Margot Bergman, while Angela Bulloch, from the contemporary gallery of Esther Schipper, will display her fascination with shapes, human interaction, and patterns in her concepts.


The Magazines sector connects editors and publishers with a selection of international art magazines and publications. This is a must for art aficionados interested in expanding their global art scene knowledge.


One of Art Basel’s most exciting programs, the Conversations panel invites guests to a lecture wherein artists, critics, curators, collectors, and gallerists discuss the contemporary global art scene. The highly anticipated Conversations will take place all three days of the show.

The Étant Donnés Prize

This year marks the debut of the Étant Donnés Prize, an illustrious award bestowed upon an Art Basel artist currently working in the French art scene and exhibiting work at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach event. The winner will be chosen by an appointed jury and will be announced ahead of the festivities.
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